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DARE – Spark Torch Igniter Testing

Seems I have not been the only one burning out spark plugs and having failed ignition! (My last series of testing was a headbanger because of this!)

Video Caption: A student society that builds a record-breaking hybrid rocket engine powerful enough to lift an SUV? The Cryogenic Propulsion Team recently tested their spark torch igniter for the second time. Watch the video to check it out!

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WARR 10kN Engine Test

From Facebook

Hard work pays off!
On Friday we successfully fired our 10kN engine for 5 seconds. The system performed as planned as we nearly hit the nominal operation point. We are now looking forward to testing for the full burn time of 15 seconds next week.

Instagram Pic of the Week

Tested at Balls 2017

Video Caption: Simone heads to Black Rock Desert to take part in the annual BALLS experimental rocket launch event! We meet with amateur rocketeers who’ve come around the country to test their homebrewed rockets. This is going to be fun!

Thanks to Clay Reynolds for inviting us out! Find his rocket launch videos here:…

Produced by Ryan Kiser Shot by Joey Fameli
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Team Icarus Launch Boosted Dart to 27,148ft

From Facebook

“Data is in from the recovered dart on Icarus 2! Separation speed was Mach 1.9, peak acceleration was 34.4 G’s, and it achieved a maximum altitude of 27,148’. This makes Icarus 2 the fastest and highest flying rocket in SDSU history.

The peak altitude was lower than expected because an anomalous pressure spike in the avionics bay resulted in an early apogee detection and parachute deployment. We are working to find the source of the pressure spike. The team has learned a tremendous amount about the operation, manufacturing, and flight dynamics of boosted darts from this project. The experience and data gained will go a long way towards supporting future high altitude attempts.”

– Alex Lewis, Icarus 2 Project Manager

Roberts Rocket Project Update – 2017-12-03

Robert has posted a new update as he works towards an all up static fire of his liquid-fuelled rocket.

The Vertical Static Test Structure is complete and passed the fit checks this weekend. It took a couple of tries to figure out the best way to install the strut and rocket without injury.

The setup looks pretty good, looking forward to seeing the hot fire.