LAD Update

A few updates from Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group as they work on their newest rocket, LAD.


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SDSU Rocket Project Second LOX/LCH4 Test

Video Caption:Ā On March 3rd, 2018, the SDSU Rocket Project had their second static hot fire of a LOX/LCH4 Engine designed towards the FAR/Mars Launch Contest. This upload contains the compiled footage of all engine burn videos during Static Hot Fire B.

MIT Rocket Team P19000 Motor Test

The MIT Rocket Team recently tested theirĀ first ‘P’ class rocket motor (Wikipedia has a good table on the class ranges) at the end of February.

…Ā This test produced 65,077 Ns at a peak pressure of 1440 psi and 22,970 N of thrust.

For all my imperial unit readers, that is 5163lbf of thrust, but the test did not go entirely to plan with the motor ejecting several thermal liners during the burn.
The team states,

…As the design pressure and thrust of this motor were greatly exceeded, we think it likely that aluminum combustion (triggered by the increased residency time in a longer motor) lead to the unplanned increase in burn rate, the increase in combustion pressure, and then triggered the cascade of failures.

The motor did well to hold up, of which I look forward to the next test. This sizeĀ motor will propel the teams Hermes rocket to 80,000ft in June at Spaceport America.

You can read the team’s full update here.

USCRPL Aim For April Space Shot

From the team’s website,

Launch planned for APRIL 2018
TRAVELER III will be USCRPL’s third attempt to launch a rocket to space. The rocket has a nominal predicted altitude of 415,000 ft, which will exceed the Karman Line, making USCRPL the first student group to launch a student built and designed rocket to SPACE!

This, of course, follows on from the recent successful static fire of the Graveler II engine.

Fingers crossed the third time is a charm!

Rocket Project at UCLA Launch LOX/Ethanol Rocket

More info as it comes in.

Team website

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