Help Launch PSAS’s Space Program

Portland State Aerospace Society are once again crowdfunding their upcoming year of projects, after a successful campaign last year the team was able to complete 4 capstone projects,

As well as flying their LV 2 rocket!.

The 2015/16 year, the team plan to carry out more capstones,

  • Carbon fiber modules for our July 2016 next launch.
  • Larger airframe components for our next generation rocket (LV4!).
  • Building us our first liquid fueled rocket engine prototype.
  • Hacking Linux kernel drivers so can talk with WiFi over hundreds of kilometers… even into space!
  • Designing and building the radio and command system for our future CubeSat.

Check out their video below and make sure to click the link to their crowdfunding page so as to see all these new and great projects come to life!





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