Sugar Rocket Flight to 57,000ft

Andrej Vrbec has released footage and information on his latest sugar rocket project, a boosted dart flight to 57,359ft.

The rocket used a 110mm diameter booster, which had an average thrust of 9606N (2159lbf) equivalent to an O9000 motor size, with a 50mm diameter dart rocket on top. The dart was fabricated from stainless steel and fibreglass and had a mass of 9.3kg, the flight was logged using a Perfectflite Stratologger CF and an ARTS-2, with tracking via a BigRedBee 70cm HP GPS.
The flight was considered a success, the booster burned out at 3.5sec and at 4000ft, where the dart then coasted to apogee which took more than 50sec. A 18in diameter parachute was deployed at apogee and the dart was recovered some 8km from the launch site, unfortunately the booster recovery system failed and it impacted ballistic about 1km from the launch site.

Andrej’s next project is to replace the dart with a sustainer in order to reach over 100,000ft.



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