Vulcan 1 Progress

Seds UCSD have been making steady progress on their Vulcan rocket, as reported in 2015 the team successfully ran a kickstart campaign for the rocket but issues were encountered when launching was to take place.

A recent Kickstarter update sheds light on the team’s progress as they move once again towards launch.

Of note,

  • Deployment tests carried out
  • 360 degree camera module under construction
  • Lox and kero tank reversal, this now puts the lox tank at the bottom of the structure meaning much less boil off as the feed lines can be shorter.
  • New main launch valve (pictured)
Vulcan 1 recovery structure (Credit: Bryan Dierking)

The team are also trying to work out a live stream for the launch via YouTube, this would make it quite spectacular, especially for us pledges that are across the other side of the world.



Main propellant valves (Credit: Bryan Dierking)

Further updates can be found on team member, Bryan Dierkings website, which includes a lot more build pictures and video, you can also follow SEDS UCSD on Facebook or else keep checking back as I find out more information and updates.


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