Landing Model Rockets

Joe Barnard has recently teamed up with Jonny Hyman to move one step closer to propulsively landing a model rocket. No mean feat and with a solid hobby rocket motor will not be easy.

Therefore Jonny has been carrying out a series of tests on F-15-0 motors in order to get performance data that can then be used to more accurately predict, model and achieve a propulsive landing. The video below is the 4th and final test, data from each test can also be downloaded in the video description.

Current Affairs at CS: The Launch Control Box

Video Caption: In this episode of Current Affairs, Thomas Pedersen, Flight, and Mads Wilson, FIDO, explains the Mission Control Box which will be used during the Nexø II launch mission later this summer.

Copenhagen Suborbitals is the world’s only manned, amateur space program, 100% crowdfunded and nonprofit. In the future, one of us will fly to space on a home built rocket.

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Instagram Pic of the Week

I know last weeks pic was from Ursa Major Tech as well, but this new video is worth seeing and having a back to back week!

WARR: Cryosphere – Frigate Test 9 and 10

Video Caption: After several enhancements on our subscale engine, we lit it twice on the first of July. We hit the design point of the engine and collected valuable scientific data.
The now purely axial injection smoothens our combustion, just as predicted. Being able to safely predict the system behaviour is what we perceive to be the key to continue the development of successively larger engines.

More good news: The first hotfire test of the fullscale engine has now preliminarily been fixed to November this year – stay tuned!

Technical Data:
Mean thrust: ~1600 N
Chamber pressure: 20 bar
Burn time: 5 s
Mass flow oxygen: 550 g/s

Please note: We’re predominantly master students of mechanical engineering and spend most of the time before test on calculations and preparations to prevent severe damages on material and personnel. Please don’t feel inspired to light your own rocket motor in your backyard. Rocket science is a serious issue – if you get the numbers wrong, people die.

You have some experience in mechanical/electrical engineering and want to participate, become part of the team?
Feel free to send your application to

Current Affairs at CS: WiFi Distance test – Peter Bybjerg Mortensen

Video Caption: Copenhagen Suborbitals has always found it important to live stream from our rocket launches.
To stream live from the launch area at sea we need a comprehensive WIFI network that works 35km over water on a moving ship.
This year we upgraded some of the equipment, so of course we needed to test it before we mount it on our ship.
In this episode of “Current Affairs” we talk about our upgraded long range WIFI network conceived by Peter Scott and our initial testing.