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120sec Firing of 12kN MOMO Main Engine

Interstellar Technologies have been continuing testing of their LOX/Ethanol engine for their MOMO sub-orbital rocket, most recently pulling off this 120sec burn.
The engine is ablative and uses a graphite nozzle, as you will see it gets pretty hot! Judging by the exhaust plume, it looks to be a nice burn from start to finish.

Gilmour Space Presentation

An interesting talk from Gilmour Space Tech. Gilmour is developing a small satellite launcher using hybrid rocket motors, more specifically powered by Hydrogen Peroxide and their own 3D printed fuel grains.

A Chat with Bagaveev Corp CEO

Tim Draper talks with Nadir Bagaveyev, CEO of Bagaveev Corp. Focused on launching nanosatellites, Bagaveev Corp became the first in the world to fly a 3D printed rocket engine in 2015 and are next scheduled to fly out of Black Rock, Nevada at the end of August this year.

Video Caption: In this episode of the Startup Hero, Tim talks with Nadir Bagaveyev, the CEO & Founder of the BAGAVEEV CORPORATION. His corporation is currently focused on launching nanosatellites so small teams can innovate in space and grow into large teams and large satellite companies.

Nadir is a Aerospace engineer graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, veteran US Army Officer. Born in Russia, Nadir has learned aerospace design philosophies of both countries to implement the best practices or commercial space development.

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Instagram Pic of the Week

Launcher Engine-1 3D printed rocket engine parts are finished – heat/EDM/threads. @newlab

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