BPS Thrust Vector Control

Video Caption: Check out my left arm’s nasty sunburn from yesterday’s L1 launch!
Want to purchase a Signal Avionics kit? Let me know here: https://www.bps.space/signal


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BPS Signal Flight Computer Powers Up

Joe Barnard has made significant progress on his in-house designed and built Signal flight computer. This computer will support his efforts in trying to propulsively land a hobby rocket. Joe does a much better explanation of the system in the video below, but if you are interested check out the Signal Avionics web page over at BPS.

Vector PCB Design

Video Caption: This is the 3rd attempt at fitting everything onto the flight computer efficiently. Probably won’t be the last. This is a large chunk of the design process, but there’s much more to do before the board is finalized.

BPS Update

Make sure to head over to Joe’s Patreon page and help support this cool project!

Video Caption: Patreon:

Vector Avionics:


Barnard Propulsion Systems Needs Your Support!!

After just recently discovering Barnard Propulsion Systems, it was a shame to come across the below tweet from Joe Barnard. But I do understand, projects like this and especially rocketry related can become quite pricey when it comes from your own pocket.

But never the less, Joe has started a Patreon page to aid in the support of his VTOL model rocket endeavours.
For a small monthly donation, you can keep this project going and help Joe get to his goal of a successful propulsive landing of his rockets, while also receiving a reward for your good deeds.

Every dollar counts, so make sure to head over to the Barnard Propulsion Systems Patreon page and help Joe out!

BPS Launch Pad Overview

Video Caption: A quick description of the launch pad. Many features are missing from this video, since the system is still in an unfinished state. Most notably, there will be a number of “dead man” switches, requiring user-action at appropriate times during the count, as well as a momentary hold switch that must be in the on position in the last few seconds before launch, making an abort as simple as letting go of the controller.

Barnard Propulsion Systems

I recently discovered Barnard Propulsion Systems from an email on the Arocket mailing list, and I must say Joe Barnard is doing some really cool control systems projects on a small scale.

Using small scale long burn hobby rocket motors, such as the Apogee F10, Joe has successfully demonstrated controlled flight of his rockets through the use of an engine gimbaling system.
But not only are his rockets controlled on the way up, Joe has taken it one step further and is aiming to propulsive land the rocket, much like SpaceX does!

His latest rocket, Relay, flew on its 2nd flight on Feb 8th and did not include parachutes due to the tight mass budget. The Relay rockets carry out their own math in-flight and decide whether and when to light the motor for a propulsive landing.

Joe does a great job in explaining the objectives of his flights at the beginning of his videos and then a recap at the end, very informative.

Make sure to follow Joe’s progress by clicking any of the links below.