BURPG New Test Stand

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Iron Lotus Comes to Life!

Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group recently test fired their Iron Lotus rocket engine. Developing ~2500lbf (11.1kN) of thrust, the engine was tested for 1 and 3sec burn times.
As the name implies, the engine is a steel heat sink engine, not intended for long duration firing and primarily used for ignition testing, before the (flight) regen Lotus Dev 2 engine is tested.

That sound and echo are impressive!!

Lotus Dev2/Iron Lotus Cold Flow Testing

Video Caption: February 26, 2017 cold flow test of the Lotus Dev 2 injector mounted on the Iron Lotus combustion chamber. Data from this test is used for hot fire ignition and shutdown timing.

Lotus Dev 2 is a 2,500 lbf liquid engine capable of powering the Starscraper launch vehicle into suborbital space. Iron Lotus is a heat sink engine used for low risk ignition testing.

Lotus Dev 2 is also making progress, should be spectacular seeing this make fire!!

BURPG Updates

BURPG attempted a static fire test of their Iron Lotus this past weekend but were unfortunately hampered by a stuck pre-valve on the oxidizer side of the system.

Iron Lotus is a steel heat sink version of the teams Lotus Dev 2 engine, designed to produce 2,500lbf at sea level, the Dev 2 will power the teams Starscrapper rocket on a suborbital trajectory.

BURPG Updates

A few twitter updates from Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group.

BURPG Updates

Some twitter updates from Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group, the group are working toward the first firing of their Iron Lotus and Lotus Dev 2 rocket engines.


BURPG Lotus Engine Updates

Some interesting updates on the Boston University Rocket Propulsion Groups new Lotus rocket engine.

Lotus Dev 2 (Credit: BURPG)
Lotus Dev 2 (Credit: BURPG)

The engine has increased in thrust from 1,500lbf to 2,500lbf which has enabled the use of a single chamber assembly instead of the dual clustered setup originally designed. The team has also turned to Triton Space Technologies for their main valves, which will be pyro actuated poppet valves. (Triton make a range of valves and products so is worth a look for your next rocket project)

The team is still continuing development of a steel heat sink engine for ignition testing and general engine setup.

Iron Lotus (Credit: BURPG)
Iron Lotus (Credit: BURPG)

Work continues on Starscraper behind the scenes with subsystems having undergone design reviews.Looking forward to seeing this engine fire!

After a bit of bad luck in the past, it looks like the team is on track for some exciting engine fires and space shot launches very soon!

You can read the full progress update here.