ERIG – Helios Test Firing

Video Caption: The Helios is the most powerful hybrid rocket engine of the ERIG. With N2O and HTPB as fuel it generates a maximum thrust of about 5000N.


Gilmour Space Technologies Engine test

Not sure if this is a recent test or not, but popped up on youtube. The team are working on peroxide hybrids with the eventual goal of a small satellite launcher.

Also a short company promotional video that shows past engine tests.

HEROS 3 On Display at the German Aerospace Centre

HEROS 3 flew to 32.3 km in altitude and currently holds the European student and amateur rocket altitude record.
For more info of the rocket, check out the teams Facebook and website.

DARE Small Scale Engine Tests

Video Caption: With Stratos III, DARE wants to become the first student society to reach space. To get this high, a powerful engine needs to be designed and built! This video is a compilation of the small-scale tests we have done.

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Update on the Stratos III engine!

Updated 28/1/17

WARR Rocketry 3D Prints Hybrid Mold

WARR, students from TU Munich have been hard at work continuing their hybrid propulsion work and experimentation. With the latest fuel grain being assisted by 3D printing the shape and then pouring the HTPB in, thus avoiding any demolding issues that may arise as it is all burnt as one.

I know RML Spacelab have used this technique, taking it as far as getting individuals at home with a 3D printer to print and send in the mold parts required. A great way to contribute to a project.

I look forward to seeing this engine fire, it should be spectacular!

HEROS 3 Rocket Prep and Flight Video

Video Caption: On Tuesday 8th November 2016, 10:30 LT, -18°C: our Hybrid sounding rocket HEROS 3 rocket was launched from ESRANGE, Kiruna. At almost perfect weather conditions and great visibility it reached an apogee of 32.3 km according to GPS and acceleration data and was successfully recovered with the drogue and main parachute being released. This sets a new record for European student and amateur rocketry. Furthermore, to our knowledge this is also a new altitude world rocket for hybrid rockets built by students. The maximum speed of HEROS 3 was 2600 km/h with a Mach number of 2.3.
The hybrid rocket engine delivers 10 kN of thrust with a paraffin-based fuel and Nitrous Oxide as the oxidizer.

RML Hybrid Separation Test

Video Caption: On November 10th RML had the 3rd successful hybrid rocket engine test. Testing 100mm Dinitrogenoxid and Pur, all tests with success.

The team has been testing how long it takes the rocket exhaust to burn through various sized metal rods, this will be used to drop the early guidance system. I presume this is the wire guided system intended to be used at launch to avoid a long launch rail while keeping the rocket stable until aerodynamic forces can properly take over. Interorbital Systems recently used this approach, but it has also been employed by the French on their early sounding rockets.