Tortas 8 Winning Flight at Spaceport America Cup

Video Caption: MASA’s hybrid engine rocket, Tortas 8, flies at the 2017 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition for the inaugural Spaceport America Cup. It placed first in the 30,000 foot target altitude, student researched and developed, hybrid/liquid engine category. With this rocket, the team also won the Spaceport America Cup by being voted best overall by the judges.

The Michigan Aeronautical Science Association (MASA) is a student engineering project team at the University of Michigan. Learn more on our Facebook page:…
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Destination Moon – LUNA Rocket Specs

A nice infographic from the Destination Moon team highlighting the LUNA rocket.

Make sure to follow their progress on,

DARE Phoenix Engine Tests

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In this video summary, you can see the three tests performed by Project Phoenix: The hybrid engine team within DARE. The engine fired in test 1 shows a thermal failure at 5.6 seconds. Engines fired in test 2 and 3 show a successful burn.

Introducing Destination Moon

Destination Moon is the joint venture between past interns of RML Space Lab and Copenhagen Suborbital’s, Stefan Eisenknappl and Jop Nijenhuis. Their goal is to build and launch the world’s most powerful amateur rocket, in this case a 65kN thrust hybrid rocket inspired by the XFLR-6 moon rocket from the Tin-Tin comic book series.

Destination Moon Luna (Credit: Destination Moon)

The Luna rocket will stand 8.5m tall and is 1m in diameter and will be capable of lifting 500kg of payload mass to 10km in altitude.

Jop and Stefan have already made good progress with the building of the rocket engine and recent pressure testing of the oxidiser tank.

The goal is to perform a static engine test in the next couple of months and then launch the rocket from the Baltic Sea in Autumn of this year.

Make sure to stay up to date on this exciting project by checking out the team’s Website Facebook and Instagram.

ERIG – Helios Test Firing

Video Caption: The Helios is the most powerful hybrid rocket engine of the ERIG. With N2O and HTPB as fuel it generates a maximum thrust of about 5000N.


Gilmour Space Technologies Engine test

Not sure if this is a recent test or not, but popped up on youtube. The team are working on peroxide hybrids with the eventual goal of a small satellite launcher.

Also a short company promotional video that shows past engine tests.