PSAS Recovery Testing

Portland State Aerospace society is working towards building and flying a liquid fuelled rocket to 100km. These latest videos show recovery testing for their LV3 rocket.

Follow the team here!


PSAS Electric Feed System Presentation

A nice video overview of the PSAS electric Feed system pump. As well as the presentation, the pump is also setup and shown in action.

Video Caption: In-depth presentation and hands-on demo of the work of the EFS capstone team to transfer knowledge to the group.

Demo starts at 1:48:20

PSAS Pump Work

Portland State Aerospace Society continues to develop their electric driven propellant pump.

PSAS Pump Testing

Piglet the Pump!

Some nice pump hardware from Portland State Aerospace Society, read my previous post on this for more info and links to make your own!!

PSAS Electric Turbo Pump

I know PSAS have been working on this for a little while now so it was great to see them recently tweet hardware and CAD on it.

As always with PSAS, all their work is open source and available on Github, you can find the design calculations and explanations for this pump here.

BTW: Below is a Barske impeller, good for low flow rate and high head applications.

PSAS Pintle Injector

Portland State Aerospace Society have built a test blank of their pintle injector for their 500lbf liquid rocket engine.

The engine is 3D printed from aluminum and burns ethanol/liquid oxygen. Check out an interactive cutaway of the engine here.