No Launch for SDSU Rocket Project

Unfortunately, SDSU Rocket Project was unable to launch their Galactic Aztec Mark II rocket this past weekend out at the FAR range in Mojave.

As stated in an Instagram post the team had to deal with the high heat of the day, that led to problems in the rocket’s avionics package and missing the launch window.

SDSU Rocket Project Launching this Weekend!

Galactic Aztec Mark II will launch May 20th and has a projected altitude of 30,000ft at a top speed of Mach 1.8!

Good luck team!!

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Countdown to Galactic Aztec Heavy Launch

T-13 days till the launch of the SDSU Rocket Project’s Galactic Aztec Heavy.
Promo video from the teams Facebook to get you pumped!

SDSU Rocket Project Testing

The student team, SDSU Rocket Project, have been out testing their Galactic Aztec rocket this past weekend at the FAR site in Mojave. With a new LR101 rocket engine implemented in a gimbal system, the team pulled off a successful test of this combination.

Looking forward to seeing this rocket fly!

Check out the fiery goodness below!



SDSU Rocket Project Testing

The team were due to hot fire test their Galactic Aztec Heavy rocket but ran into a few minor issues that forced a scrub.
Galactic Aztec Heavy is powered by an LR-101 rocket engine, is 25ft in height and 650lbs in weight and is expected to reach 50,000ft with a top speed of Mach 1.3.

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SDSU Rocket Project Update

Look like we will see another hot fire of the Galactic Aztec Heavy on Feb 4th. The last hot fire conducted by the team saw the LR101 engine run rich as it had a burn through at the throat. The team have since been able to obtain more surplus engines to enable the rocket to see flight!