USCRPL Fathom II Launch on Wired

A pretty cool video from Wired of USCRPL’s Fathom II rocket that launched recently from Spaceport America to 144,000ft.

The student space race is heating up, with DARE to launch Stratos III later this year which is capable of achieving 80km (262,467ft) in altitude.

Check out the video here.

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Spaceport America Fathom II Launch Video

Video Caption: University of Southern California Rocket Propulsion Lab launch of Fathom II rocket at Spaceport America on March 4, 2017 to an altitude of 144,000 ft.

Fathom II reaches 144,000ft

As mentioned in a previous post, USCRPL students recently launched and recovered their solid fueled Fathom II rocket from Spaceport America, there was no mention of an altitude at the time of posting but now the numbers are in!

144,000ft in altitude and a max speed of Mach 4, makes this a record breaking rocket flight! This marks the highest altitude that a student built and designed rocket has achieved, while also being successfully recovered.

Great work team!

Fathom II Successful Launch

USCRPL students successfully launched and recovered their Fathom II rocket from Spaceport America this past weekend. No word yet on the altitude it reached, but could all the quietness be because of a new student record!?…

A great photo of the take off of Fathom II. Today was an amazing and successful day

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Fathon II Launching This Saturday

UCSRPL have set off to launch their Fathon II rocket this weekend.

FATHOM II 🚀 Its happening! Get pumped for our rocket launch this Saturday!

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USCRPL Static Fire Test

Video Caption: Third times the charm! Aft burn throughs at the forward and aft end of the case, USCRPL designed and built a successful solution to their motor insulation problem!

A great success after two earlier attempts, good to see the team found and remedied the problem!