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Exoplanet Company

Jonny Hyman, whom I earlier posted about, has now consolidated his rocket efforts under the name Exoplanet Company. Jonny has started by open sourcing his GUI he has built to test his rocket engines and this can now be found on GitHub for you to download and set up for yourself!

In the 2nd video below Jonny explains how the GUI works and how it is integrated into his ground test system for a hybrid rocket motor.

Make sure to follow Jonny on Twitter as he recently live-streamed an engine test, unfortunately, a bad ignition did not lead to a sustained burn. Never the less watch this space!


DARE Nimbus Hybrid Rocket Test #8

Video Caption: A student society that builds a record-breaking hybrid rocket engine powerful enough to lift an SUV? Check out the eight engine test video where we successfully tested a titanium nozzle insert!

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BPS – Echo NAR Launch

Video Caption: Rocket stabilized by Signal Avionics:
Two great flights! The second flight had lots of wind to fight against, hence the wiggle near the end. The nose cone was 3D printed, and the stress of chute ejection broke the plastic connecting it to the shock cord.

Flown at the CMASS/MMMSC club launch on October 28th, 2017.
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Robert Truax – More than just Sea Dragon

Curious Droid (worth following!) recently posted a video about Evel Knievel but more importantly Robert Truax and his X-3 Volksrocket design which would have made Knievel the first private astronaut to reach space. Truax is most known for  Sea Dragon and the Thor missile, so is no stranger to rocket engineering.

Why is this relevant? well, Truax although a professional worked out of his garage and put the X-3 together out of surplus rocket parts. Powered by four Rocketdyne LR101 engines the rocket would loft its single passenger to 62 miles and return them safely. Unfortunately, it never flew but was extensively tested and modified under a Navy contract for a sea-launched satellite launcher, designated X-3A.

The backyard engineering of this project is pretty amazing, and it is a pity it never made flight but others are following in the footsteps so stay tuned!

Read more about Truax Engineering here.

Backyard Hybrid Rockets

Abit of a tweet storm from me, but this is one project worth showcasing.

Jonny Hyman has over the past few months been working to develop his own hybrid rocket propulsion system. Not only has he been developing the engine but also all the necessary ground support equipment required which is just as impressive as the engine itself.

Jonny has produced an impressive engine monitoring system, from the GUI to the camera system set up in his backyard. The engine is expected to produce 40N of thrust, able to be throttled and will have fast restart times.

You can follow Jonny on Twitter (most updates here) or check out his website and Instagram pages.